What is Private Pay Home Care In Delaware, PA: Guide to Private Duty Home Care & Medicare/Medicaid

Private Pay Home Care


There are several ways to pay for in-home care. You can use insurance, apply for state funding, or provide private duty or private pay. Private pay is an out-of-pocket expense that may come directly out of the client’s savings or family members’ savings.

This article will discuss the implications of private pay home care in Delaware County, PA, that residents should consider before hiring an agency to fulfill their loved one’s needs.

What is Private Pay Home Care in Delaware County, PA?

Private pay or private duty pay means the client or their family will cover all in-home healthcare expenses. Some families may qualify for state-funded Medicare or Medicaid programs to cover costs. However, these often do not cover all expenses.

Therefore, private pay is the most common way to pay for in-home care.

In-home care can be expensive, but you can work out a private pay plan that makes it more affordable. For example, you can split costs among family members. The agency may bill family members separately to make the process more convenient.

Private Duty Nursing vs. Private Duty In-Home Care

Families navigating the landscape of in-home care may hear terms like ‘private duty nursing’ and ‘private duty in-home care.’ Both require clients or family members to pay for care.

However, private duty nursing involves skilled nurses who can administer shots, assist with ventilators, and provide other advanced care techniques. 

In-home caregivers are also highly trained. However, they focus more on assisting with everyday tasks and do not provide advanced nursing needs.

The type of service you choose will affect overall costs. Families will pay more for advanced nursing care. 24-hour service will also cost more than full-time or part-time care.

Families must consider their loved one’s needs so they can budget accordingly.

Alternative to Private Pay Home Care in Delaware County, PA

Families may consider payment options that reduce expenses. These include:

· Private Insurance: Some types of private insurance may cover the partial or full cost of in-home nursing care. Families considering this option must work with an agency that accepts their insurance.

· Medicaid & Medicare: Patients that qualify may access state-funded Medicaid or Medicare coverage for in-home care. Pennsylvania offers various options that can be explored on the Pennsylvania Government website.

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Family Cares Will Work with You on Private Pay Home Care in Delaware County, PA

Family Cares works with our clients to make affording care easy. We can bill family members separately to make payments convenient. We work with Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance programs. We can also train family members so they can get paid for caring for their loved ones.

We do not provide private duty nursing services, but our highly trained staff can assist with various needs. We offer senior care, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, multiple sclerosis assistance, and long-distance services. We also provide private home duty care in Montgomery County, PA.

Contact us when your relative is ready for home care services. We will provide convenient services for you and your loved one.