Recognizing Signs That Your Elderly Loved One Needs Professional Care in Montgomery County, PA

elderly care in Montgomery County

The decision to get an elderly loved one additional help is not an easy one to make. But if you see signs that they can’t complete daily tasks or if you think they may be in danger, it’s time to act. This article will review the signs that tell you if your relative requires elderly care in Montgomery County, PA.


No Longer Able to Perform Daily Tasks

You may notice that your loved one is unable to perform daily tasks. You may see signs of difficulty dressing, bathing, or cleaning. A home care aide can take care of the tasks they are having trouble with and ensure they live in a clean, safe environment.


Health Conditions That Require Medical Care

Your loved one may have been diagnosed with a medical condition that requires ongoing care. For example, they may be required to take medications and need someone to keep them on schedule. They may need shots, or the doctor may recommend they keep track of their vitals.


Our certified and experienced caregivers can help assist your loved ones with the appropriate support. They will keep your relative on top of their medications and they will make sure they get the treatments they need.

A man explains to the patient how to take madications


If your loved one is falling often, it may be a sign that they need elderly care in Montgomery County, PA.


Seniors are prone to falling due to medications, changes in blood pressure, muscle loss, and other factors. A home aide will reduce the risk of falls by clearing walkways and will assist your loved one when sitting up and lying down.

If a fall occurs, they will help them and call for assistance if need be.


Depression and Anxiety

You may notice changes in your loved one’s mental health as they age. They may become depressed and anxious because they are isolated. Or they may be stressed out about their medical conditions.


A home health aide will offer companionship for your loved one so they don’t feel depressed. They will make them feel safe and comforted. They will engage them in hobbies that take their minds off negative emotions.


Memory Loss

It’s typical for people to experience memory loss as they get older. They may experience mild forgetfulness and overlook paying bills. Or they may have more severe issues that lead to wandering.


A home health care aide will keep your loved one on a schedule so they don’t forget important details. A specialist will offer treatment options and prevent wandering. They will make sure your loved one is well taken care of.


Family Cares is a Premier Provider of Elderly Care in Montgomery County, PA

If you notice your loved one is showing signs of needing elderly care in Montgomery County, PA, Family Cares is the recommended provider.


We offer a wide range of services that can be customized to your needs. Our FamilyCaresCom feature guarantees 24-hour real-time communication between our team and your family. We ensure your loved one will be assigned a well-trained, compassionate provider suited to their needs and personality.

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