Managing Chronic Conditions in Seniors: How Home Care in PA Can Help

How Home Care in PA Can Help

As people get older, they become prone to several chronic conditions. These conditions last one year or more and require ongoing medical attention. They tend to limit activities and affect daily living.


Seniors living with chronic conditions may be better able to manage them with the help of a health care aid. An aide can come in and make sure they are on track with their medications. They can help provide pain relief measures and assist them with daily activities.


This article will review chronic conditions in seniors and how home care in PA can help.

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Common Chronic Conditions in Seniors

Diabetes: Diabetes is a condition that occurs when your blood sugar is too high. A home health aid can help seniors manage diabetes by administering injections and other medications. They can assist with food shopping and preparation to ensure the senior consumes a diabetes-friendly diet. 

Dementia: Symptoms of dementia include forgetfulness, confusion, wandering, difficulty speaking, trouble handling money, and more. A home aid can keep seniors on a medication schedule. They will engage them in exercises that keep them sharp. They will monitor them to prevent wandering.

Heart Disease: Heart disease refers to several heart conditions such as high blood pressure, stroke, cardiac arrest, congestive heart failure, and more. Home care personnel will keep a senior on track with their heart meds. They will make sure they eat a healthy diet. They will be there in the event an emergency occurs.

Arthritis: Arthritis causes joint pain, stiffness, and inflammation. It can make it difficult for seniors to complete daily tasks. A home aide can assist seniors with cleaning, cooking, household errands, and other chores. They can guide them through physical therapy and other pain-relieving methods.


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Cancer: If a senior has cancer, they may need assistance getting to and from doctors’ appointments. They may also need someone to make sure they take their prescribed medications. A home health aide will be there to provide a helping hand.

Depression: As people age, they become susceptible to depression due to isolation, failing health, and other matters. A home health aide provides companionship that improves seniors’ moods. They will engage them in activities that take their minds off their troubles.

Kidney Disease: Seniors may suffer from chronic kidney disease or a loss of kidney function. A health home aid will keep them on a healthy diet that reduces the risk of kidney damage. They will accompany them to doctor’s appointments when necessary.


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