The Landscape of Dementia Care in Delaware County, PA

When a loved one has dementia, they require specialized care to manage their symptoms. Dementia patients often experience confusion, mood swings, speech issues, memory loss, and challenges with decision-making. A relative can try to help, but professional senior assistance in Montgomery, PA is often required to deal with advanced needs.

This article will review the landscape of dementia care in Delaware County, PA, so you understand what’s involved.

Dementia Care Delaware County, PA

Communicating with Someone with Dementia

People with dementia often have memory loss and difficulty communicating. Caregivers will facilitate communication by following these guidelines:

  • Speak slowly and clearly.
  • Use short sentences and simple language.
  • Limit questions to those that require a yes or no answer. Avoid questions that test their memory.
  • Engage your loved one in memory books so they can reminisce. The activity will improve their mood. Use books with pictures for individuals with vision issues.
  • Try to understand the meaning behind what your loved one is saying if it isn’t clear.

Wandering Prevention

People with dementia often wander away from their homes. They may think they must go somewhere like work or a friend’s home. Wandering can also be caused by restlessness, agitation, and other factors.

Caregivers can prevent wandering by:

  • Locking doors and windows
  • Installing alarms on exits
  • Not leaving the person home alone
  • Obtaining a GPS
  • Childproofing windows and doorways
  • Keeping car keys in a secure location
  • Engaging the person in activities that will occupy their mind
  • Promoting physical activity to reduce restlessness
  • Preventing napping during the day to ensure they sleep through the night- people with dementia often wander in the middle of the night due to sleeplessness
  • Consulting a medical professional if the patient exhibits increased confusion

Promote a Tailored Diet

People with dementia may have difficulty eating due to a decreased sense of taste and smell, changes in medication, an inability to recognize food, or the loss of eating and drinking functionality. 

Caregivers must ensure the individual follows a recommended meal routine. They should also promote a healthy diet rich in nutrients and low in sodium, fat, cholesterol, and refined sugar.

Live-In Care is Preferrable

Families can choose from various types of dementia care, but at-home care is preferable. It reduces disorientation and unsettling experiences that may occur when moving a loved one to a senior living facility. Ensure the in-home aide you hire is trained to handle dementia patients, as it requires considerable patience and understanding.

Family Cares Provides Reliable Dementia Care in Delaware County, PA

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