Home Health Care Services in Montgomery County, PA: What You Need to Know for Financial Assistance

Elderly relatives often require extra care. Unfortunately, senior care isn’t cheap. Many families struggle to afford it. Luckily, there are options for financial assistance. 


How to Get Financial Assistance for Home Health Care Services in Montgomery County, PA

Home & Community-Based Services (HCBS)

HCBS are waiver programs that allows the government to waive regulations on institutional care. The waivers provide services beyond what Medicaid offers. They help seniors age in place. They eliminate the need for seniors to move to a residential facility. Pennsylvania offers various HCBS programs, including the Community Living Waiver, the Community Health Choices Waiver (CHC), the Adult Community Autism Program (ACAP), and many more. Research to determine which you qualify for.



Medicaid covers short-term in-home care for recovery from certain conditions following a hospital stay. It may also cover in-home care for those who qualify. Eligible patients may also receive benefits for adult day care, medical assistance, meal delivery, medical alerts, transportation, and some treatments.


Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)

PACE is a joint Medicaid/Medicare program that covers in-home care, transportation, respite care, prescriptions, etc. It may also cover long-term Alzheimer’s care. Eligibility is limited to low-income seniors who qualify for Medicaid or Medicare.


Pennsylvania Help at Home (OPTIONS Program)

The OPTIONS Program is available for Pennsylvania residents 60 and over. It offers adult daycare, including personal care, meal delivery, and care management. It may also include Area on Aging supplemental services. These services cover home care, medical transportation, assistive devices, and more.



Medicare provides minimal in-home care coverage. In most cases, individuals are only eligible if they were recently discharged from a hospital or rehab center and are homebound.


Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) provides various programs with benefits and eligibility requirements that vary from state to state. Medicare Advantage Plans (Medicare Part C) may also be helpful. It covers home aides, personal care, transportation, meal delivery, and home modification.


Work as a Caregiver

Relatives have the option to receive training to work as a caregiver. The training will allow them to get paid to care for their loved ones. It reduces the expenses involved with in-home care. The relative can use their experience to develop a lucrative career.


Family Cares Provides Affordable Home Health Care Services in Montgomery County, PA

Family Cares aims to make in-home care services affordable. We work with several government agencies to help clients reduce costs. We also offer opportunities for relatives to work for our agency and provide care for their loved ones.


We are the ideal agency for matching you with a caregiver. Montgomery County, PA, clients will benefit from our real-time communication, our safe and experienced staff members, and our well-suited aides. We provide various services ranging from general homecare assistance to specialized care for advanced conditions.


Contact us to learn how we can help your family thrive.