The Importance of Nutrition in Senior Home Care in Delaware County, PA

Nutrition is essential for everyone, no matter what their age may be. It is especially important for seniors. Therefore, eating healthy is a focus for home care in Delaware County, PA.

As people age, they become more prone to disease. A nutritious diet will lower their risk of illness. Unfortunately, they may have difficulty accessing and preparing the healthy food they require.

Home Care Delaware County, PA, can offer assistance when it comes to preparing meals and accompanying seniors on trips to the supermarket. Read on to find out how a home aide can help. 

Challenges Seniors Face in Eating Healthy Foods

Seniors may have difficulty eating a healthy diet for the following reasons:

  • Limited Mobility: Seniors with limited mobility may have difficulty taking trips to the supermarket and preparing healthy food. As a result, they may eat fast and frozen food that’s not as healthy. 
  • Low Income: Older adults are often on a fixed income. They may have the money to afford healthy foods that tend to be more expensive. 
  • Medicines: A senior on medication may have difficulty tasting their food. Their lack of taste can change their appetite. It may also cause them to eat unsafe items. 

How Home Care Delaware County, PA, Can Help

It’s essential that seniors eat a healthy diet. They should:

  • Eat foods that provide the nutrients they need without extra calories. 
  • Avoid empty calories by eating foods that are rich in nutrients
  • Choose foods that are low in cholesterol and fat
  • Eat foods that are high in protein to maintain muscle
  • Reduce sodium intake by seasoning foods with herbs and citrus

Home Care Delaware County, PA, can help seniors enjoy a healthy diet by:

  • Accompanying Them on Shopping Trips: A home care aide can accompany seniors on shopping trips to ensure they purchase healthy foods. 
  • Assisting with Food Preparation: An aide will assist with food preparation ensuring meals are healthy. 
  • Making Sure They Are Hydrated: It’s important for seniors to stay hydrated as many lose their sense of thirst as they age. Certain medications also make it essential to have plenty of fluids. A home aide will make sure their client does not get dehydrated. 
  • Making Sure They Are Physically Active: Some seniors lose their appetite as they age. A home aide will ensure they get exercise which will make them feel hungrier. 

Family Cares Offers Assistance

Family Cares is a recommended choice for home care in Delaware County, PA.

Family Cares guarantees 24-hour-real-time communication between our family and yours. We vet our aides before we hire them to see to it that they are highly experienced. Our Family Match program ensures your loved one is assigned an aide best suited to their personality. 

Health is a priority for seniors. Family Cares will assist your loved one with daily tasks ensuring all their needs are met. Visit us online to discover what we have to offer.