How can I access the long-distance services provided by Family Cares?If you’re living far from an aging loved one who requires assistance, we invite you to call us at 1-267-908-0398. We staff the phones 24/7 to ensure you can always reach someone for long-distance services and more.

What types of services are included in the senior living assistance programs?Our senior living assistance programs provide services in three categories: personal care, companionship care, and supplemental home support. We customize solutions to meet your unique needs.

What should I do if I’m considering hiring an in-home caregiver for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia?The first step is to talk to your loved one’s doctor about their recommendations. Once you’re ready to pursue in-home care, call us at 1-267-908-0398 to discuss your loved one’s needs and create a personalized care plan.

How does senior living assistance differ from nursing home care?Senior living assistance provides high-quality care for seniors in their homes, while nursing home care requires moving into an assisted living or nursing home facility. Senior living assistance helps seniors maintain independence in their homes with access to the necessary care.

What type of specialized care is available for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia?Individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia require consistent care to remain safe and healthy. Some individuals need memory care in a nursing home or assisted living facility. Respite care is available to give family caregivers a much-needed break. When the disease progresses, hospice care may be required. For many patients, in-home care is the best solution to keep them in a familiar environment where they feel comfortable and safe.

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