Providing Compassionate Private-Duty Home Care in Delaware County, PA: Your Trusted Choice

Your loved one deserves the best private-duty home care. Delaware County, PA, caregivers must be attentive, skilled, and responsible. But above all, they should be compassionate. Compassion is an essential element of home care. Loved ones who receive compassionate care will be more satisfied with their service. They will experience better mental health.


What is Compassionate Home Care?

Compassionate home care goes beyond caring for an elderly loved one’s physical needs. It involves taking care of their emotional needs as well. Here are some of the aspects to consider.


Improving Mental Health

Many seniors suffer from poor mental health due to reduced wellness, lost loved ones, and isolation. Caregivers must understand what they are going through and treat them with care and respect.


Understanding Physical and Mental Health Connections

Home health aides must realize that mental well-being and physical health are connected. They must do their best to make the patient feel comfortable. They must consider the pain they are feeling when they assist them with walking, exercising, feeding, and more.


Offering Specialized Dementia Care

It’s not unusual for seniors to get cranky. The emotion is common in people with dementia. They may lash out because they feel misunderstood, threatened, embarrassed, or frustrated by their condition.

A caregiver must understand that the person is lashing out because of their condition. They must not take it personally. They must understand how to calm the client and help them achieve a better emotional state.


Maintaining Independence

Independence is an essential part of compassionate home care. Delaware County, PA, aides must understand that many seniors resent that they can no longer care for themselves. They must aid seniors so they can maintain independence.

For example, they may place self-care items in easy-to-access places so seniors can brush their teeth or comb their hair without assistance. They must let them plan their days. They can teach them to use the computer so they can independently learn and connect with others.


The Difference Between Compassion and Care

Caregivers must understand there is a difference between care and compassion. Caring for someone involves showing kindness while performing the necessary care duties.

Compassion involves getting inside the client’s head to understand what they are going through. Caregivers must put themselves in their client’s shoes to determine what it takes to help them enjoy optimal well-being. That is the definition of compassionate care.


Family Cares Provides Compassionate Private Duty Home Care in Delaware County, PA

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